Who are you and why are we doing this?

We are a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about saving those without a voice. We are all unpaid volunteers who do this in our spare time. We joined this rescue when a small group of people (the rescue owners) joined together to make a big impact on the world around us.

Our foster based rescue is home to more than 300 dogs every year. The rescue has been rescuing for over 25 years in a strict foster-based forum. All of our rescues are living in someone's homes until they find their forever home. 

Join us

We're currently looking for fosters, transporters and adopters. Any time that you can give greatly increases the number of dogs that can be saved. Volunteer today!

Donations are always appreciated, whether monetary or non-monetary. They keep us afloat in all of this. 



Our county has endless resources for those in need. Please reach out to them if you need assistance. 


Paws Crossed Inc., is not affiliated with Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc. or the Paws Crossed service mark registration #4749069